It’s Your Health!

So many conflicting messages and all you want is to feel great! I love to garden so part of my desire to feel good a lot of the time is so that I can participate fully!

10 Things Every Healthy Lifestyle Should Include! Part 1

Of course I could include more than 10 things and then even I would be overwhelmed. Allow yourself to make gentle adjustments in moving further towards a lifestyle that promotes health!

10 Things Every Healthy Lifestyle Should Include! Part 2

You deserve to be healthy and live fully! By incorporating some or all of these pieces of a healthy lifestyle you will be on your way to slowing aging and healing from illness

Another Aspect of Health-Join Me!!

What if by Monday morning you felt more peaceful, less stressed and ready to face the week? Sound crazy? What if it’s the most sane thought you had?

Anxiety and your Adrenals, what’s up?

I did an interview lately about the impact of adrenal health on anxiety. If you are dealing with anxiety might be worth a listen

Mushroom Bisque

There is something about warm food on a cold day and this one takes me back. I remember eating mushroom soup that was less than health promoting but tasted good at the time.

The Path to True Health

Dear Friend, After a lifetime of chronic pain, I can sincerely say I’m symptom free. I don’t experience any more headaches or migraines. No more infections or digestive issues.

Raw Wild Blueberry (Cheese) Cake

I used to love baking. Not as much once I switched over to no dairy, no grains and no processed sugar.

In Honor of Another Angel Called Home

Today it was shared that yet another beautiful being I have known passed form this physical lifetime. I can not say if it was too early or if it was the most benevolent outcome.

Worth a listen!

Listen this audio...

Oh Cranberries, How We Love Thee!!

Even if you are choosing to skip the turkey this holiday season, it does not mean you need to skip the fabulousness of cranberries.

Kids and Caramel!!

We live in such a high demand quick paced world so nutritious and healing serves for every snack we get in. Adrenals are supported by eating fresh fruits and vegetables every hour to hour and a half.

Healing Days in Denver, CO

JOIN ME AT HEALING DAYS! Healing Days is the bringing together of a wide array of healers, under one roof, to give you access to customized healing for mind, body, and soul.

How to Reclaim Your Health Interview

Listen Now to Reclaim Your Health

Is Your Perception Supporting Health?

FB live video. Shift your perception. Take your health back!

Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup Recipe

As the seasons change and the weather cools. Enjoy this hearty soup along side fresh greens.

Elderberry Syrup for When the Seasons Change

The temperature differences especially in spring and fall can take a toll on the system. Leaving you more susceptible to flu viruses.

Choose Yourself and Your Health This Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving is coming in the US. It’s only a couple of weeks before we’re into the holiday season, with Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Christmas and the New Years.

Greater Insight into Healing Protocols – Soul’s Journey Interview with Evonne Brighton

I enjoy talking with Evonne, her accent is great and she asks great questions about the process of reclaiming health from personal experience.

Are You Concerned For Your Childs Health?

I used to lay awake at night filled with concern over the rhythm of my youngest daughter’s heart. I knew there was something not quite right. I could see that heat and exertion were hard on her system

Quit Telling Me It Is Normal!

It might be common but not normal. To be exhausted more often than not. While finding sleep to be elusive. To ache, be stiff and have decreased mobility. To experience brain fog and headaches

It might be why you crave sweets

When she walks by a display case, she likes to get “one of each.” Okay, maybe not one of everything, but she would get something that added weight just by looking at it. It’s her cravings for sweets.

It Was Killing Me, Or So I Thought

I was exhausted. With four kids, chores, work, housework, yard work, errands, chauffeur duties. I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in… a very long time.

Worse Than Leaving Teenagers Home Alone

They’re sneaky devils. They can sneak in, replicate and start causing havoc. Sometimes they get in by piggy-backing on the food you eat. And you might, accidentally, invite them in.

Are You “Infested” with These?

You’re exposed to them every day. They accumulate in your soft tissues. You know they’re there if dealing with an autoimmune disorder.

The Unwelcome House Guests Affecting Your Health

Once upon a time, Pat, Tom, and Steve invited themselves into our home. It wasn’t like they knocked at the door and asked to come in.

Vegan Pumpkin Cashew (Cheese) Cake

Creamy, rich, perfectly sweet, and perfect for holiday gatherings! Remember that this is not low fat.

Raw Vegan Cauliflower Stuffing

Super simple and this isn’t supposed to be a replacement for turkey stuffing and improves with a bit of rest.

Does Your Chronic Look Anything Like My Chronic?

From the time I was 15, I had become a collector of chronic symptoms and struggled to get out of bed each morning. I was experiencing headaches 24/7 and migraines at least two times a week.

Comfort Food Scalloped Potatoes

I do not remember eating these very many times growing up on the farm and definitely not this version. When my grandmother passed I started thinking about what I knew here favorite things to be.

Say ‘Yes’ to Mushrooms! Tasty and Health Promoting.

I can not think of anything more warming than a warm cup of soup on a blustery day. Mushroom soup has such a deep earthy gift to give. When I was young of course there was a canned soup that everyone

Let’s Not Go Back To Normal: How We Can Improve Our Health Moving Forward

In this episode, Dan Voss interviews Judy Koons of True Health Detective. Judy is a holistic health consultant and her mission is to empower and educate women to trust themselves...

The 3 Phases of the Healing Process

Working with people over the years, I’ve recognized three phases of this healing process using Medical Medium™ information. Each individual moves through these three phases of healing at a different

Is it for you? Achieve True Health Online Coaching-What Susan has to say.

Susan has participated in the Achieve True Health Online coaching program, is reclaiming her health and I wanted her to be able to share her experience with you.

Grounding Meditation

For you…during these times we are living in. Your ability to stay grounded and be connected to the Earth will serve.

Practitioner Profit Program-Zarnaz sharing

This program has gone through an evolution. It was at first a 6-month program and now a year-long journey. The extra time allows for you to be supported as you start working with your first clients.