In Honor of Another Angel Called Home

Feb 28, 2022

Today it was shared that yet another beautiful being I have known passed form this physical lifetime. I can not say if it was too early or if it was the most benevolent outcome. That is not mine to judge.

Actually none of it is and yet here I am wishing the spell was not bound so tight around human beings as a whole.

Day in and day out I hear of another young person having something removed, an adenoid here or tonsils there or maybe even a thyroid.

As if these pieces of the body are causing the problem, like a temper tantrum child being taken to another room to calm down. Just like that child, the body through these glands and organs are trying to be heard.

Can you hear it, the desire for your body to be heard? Just like that child it just needs us to slow down a little bit and listen.

Young people are being affected so aggressively with life threatening and debilitating health issues. It seems they are experiencing more than they should have too. It is even being pushed that it is their fault. Yet even those that work so hard, to do what they think are the right things, are being struck by amounts of illness that just hurts my heart.

It has become an accumulation game anymore and it does not need to be. From the moment you know different you can say no to the misinformation and remember who works for you.

Leave what is done in the past, be willing to hear answers that feed into the grace of your body and being and what the parts are trying to tell you.

Allow yourself to be free of what has become accepted as how it works and question it, the body is designed to be truly healthy if it just has the right ingredients. Would you send someone out to fix the plumbing with the tools of the carpenter?

There is new information that really can make a difference to the degree of health you can experience.

I will forever trust in the individual path, the idea of timing and evolution. That also is my call.

It is my duty and calling to share simple profound solutions that are allowing people to take back their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Not everything I share is mainstream, actually very little of it is.

And in a nut shell the proof is in the pudding, people are expressing greater health due to greater understanding.

The knowledge I share allows you to avoid the fear and frustration of doing what only prolongs the suffering. Your body was given to you, so that you may live fully in the way that is your calling. It is for being love, loving in relationship and all the other things you are inspired to be and do!

Just having the knowledge and working at your own pace you can take back your health instead of falling into a system that is broken. Only so slowly willing to make the adjustments that allow people the incredible grace that they have been given, to live longer not die longer.

I am far away from where I grew up and did not know this beautiful woman, who I saw as an angel when I was young, was dealing with sickness. I wish I had known as tonight I have a heavy heart knowing that she may have been helped by the sharing I do.

I am strongly motivated to do something I have always disliked and that is marketing so that maybe I can reach other beautiful souls I know, if it is of benefit to them. It is about those that would like to live fully unafraid of dying because they have lived as well as they could with true health for as long as they possibly can.

My heart goes out to the family in hopes that they know that the love shared never dies, as the love in the hearts of those it was shared with, lives on.

Heart opened wide,

Judy Koons