10 Things Every Healthy Lifestyle Should Include! Part 2

Feb 28, 2022

You deserve to be healthy and live fully! By incorporating some or all of these pieces of a healthy lifestyle you will be on your way to slowing aging and healing from illness, especially chronic mystery illness!

6. A good mattress-This one seems self explanatory. Around a third of your life is spent sleeping. Investing in a great mattress gives back in multiples to the other 2 thirds of your life. When you are well rested, everything goes smoother. Your immune system functions better, you have greater mental clarity and your spirit is stronger. Remember that it isn’t always the most expensive but the best quality.

7. Vita mix-Some blenders are just better than others. I have had my vita-mix for 10

years and have used it on average 1 ½ times a day every year since I got it. A regular blender just has a hard time when making soups and smoothies that are actually smooth or a hummus that isn’t watery or full of canola oil. A Vita-mix comes out on top when it comes to making great smoothies full of all those life supporting fruits and veggies (like celery and spinach) that is drinkable through a straw.

8. Juicer-What about the fiber? So many different sources of information about health

and nutrition, I know. Juicing gives you a power punch of nutrition. If you have ever skipped a meal or eaten something overly processed then juicing is for you. We only have a set amount of opportunities to get our bodies the raw materials it needs to maintain health. Juicing can help do that. If you are trying to get your health back then it definitely is for you!

9. Money management system-Decreasing stress is a big one and money seems to be challenging for everyone. (Watch for a more detailed article in the future with a system that has worked beautifully for me and my family to avoid money arguments and issues.) If you have a system and stick to it there is less room for differences in perception, especially if you combine incoming and outgoing money with another. This goes the same for individual money use. It gives you the opportunity to cover all the bases and bring greater balance to living. Make sure to include giving, education and play to your system after the necessities are covered! You deserve to feel peaceful and strong around money!

10. Great relationship with yourself-When you simplify everything becomes easier. The most important thing is to be in right relationship with the one you wake up with each morning from birth until death. You deserve great health and there are so many things you can affect, why wouldn’t you. Health can be attained by looking after three things: what to add, what to eliminate and what to accept. These things may not always be in balance yet with honest assessment and a little support this can be handled a step at a time. If you are overwhelmed be in touch and together we can get you going in the direction of greater health!

Again these are listed in no order of importance and what resonates for you works best. You will hear me impress again and again being gentle and adjusting things at your pace as key to achieving true healing. What to add into your life, what to dismiss and what to accept is a lifetime process and unique to you. May you find the information that serves you in all ways!

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