10 Things Every Healthy Lifestyle Should Include! Part 1

Feb 28, 2022

Of course I could include more than 10 things and then even I would be overwhelmed. Allow yourself to make gentle adjustments in moving further towards a lifestyle that promotes health!

1. Skin deep– A healthy lifestyle includes what not to put on your skin. As your biggest organ of absorption and elimination make sure what you use for personal care products serve. With the consumer in mind site ewg.org/skindeep it makes it easy by taking the guess work out of choosing health maintaining and beauty products. It is about making sure you are not overloading your system. It has enough to do with things you have no control over.

2. Water filter– I use a Berkeley filter. Your body is made up of a very high percentage of and functions best with a lot of high quality alive water.

A good quality gravity fed water filter serves greatly. Removing additives and impurities takes a load off of your system in not having to do the filtering with organs that are working hard for you everyday. To be able to leave that filtered water in the sun in a glass jar will bring your filtered water back to life. Or try adding back some trace minerals and a splash of lemon and support your internal filters in cleansing as well. Water that is alive supports your body in being more fully alive too!

3. Squatty potty– Well this is one thing most people would rather not talk about!

Understandably. It is important to put into your body beneficial foods and liquids and it is just as important to give your body the ability to eliminate properly. If toxins build up and are not looked after then every system is overloaded and break down starts to occur. Take a chance and look it up on You Tube if you can handle a little bit of crass humor. The body alignment understanding behind this tool works!

4. Chemical free cleaners-What you can control in your environment matters. Some of it will not be in your control in your workspace or out and about. If you can use natural cleaners in your personal space it takes a load off of your body systems. Your body loves you and wants to do the best it can to give you energy to live your life. Heavy chemicals take time and energy to clear out of your system leaving less time for passion and fun. The Earth will thank you as well. Wasn’t it Einstein that said without bees, humans were limited in their time on the planet? Skip the chemicals and let it be easier for you and the bees to live healthy!

5. Time in nature-Have you heard of Earthing? It is that thing where you are in contact with the planet you live on.

Try sitting in the grass with nothing between you (except maybe an article of clothing or two) and just let the Earth recharge you. Allow your breathe be easy and full. There is healing available in watching the butterflies and the bees. Let the trees model strength, support and giving unconditionally. Allow your connection to something greater than you be present!


These are not presented in an order of importance. That is up to you! Allow your intuition to draw you towards what is next in this moment. Part 2 will follow soon, here is to Achieving True Healing!

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