Quit Telling Me It Is Normal!

Feb 27, 2022

It might be common but not normal.

To be exhausted more often than not.

While finding sleep to be elusive.

To ache, be stiff and have decreased mobility.

To experience brain fog and headaches.

For my eyes to blur and need support so early.

For my heart and lungs to be under stress.

For my insides to hurt with every meal.

For my mind to struggle and degenerate.

It may be common but it is especially not normal when I am 20, 30, 40 or 50. Maybe even when I am 60 and 70. Not normal!

Quit telling me that I’ll need to take this or that for life. That I will just have to quit doing and eating and playing. Quit saying that it is all my ancestors fault!

My body knows what to do and how to do it. Please step aside while I get back what you said was normal to lose. That it happens to everybody.

It may take me some time and knowledge to come back to simple and honest. It may be a process to reconnect with the essence of me waiting patiently under all the accumulation.

Just stop telling me it is normal!

As I can hear something different if I want.

It can be done.

I can find a new normal.

A new normal for me free of hurt, frustration and betrayal. I will give my body the understanding and trust it deserves.

For it has done all it can to protect me and keep me safe from your normal. Even if it is common, that still does not make it normal!