The 3 Phases of the Healing Process

Feb 27, 2022

Working with people over the years, I’ve recognized three phases of this healing process using Medical Medium™ information. Each individual moves through these three phases of healing at a different pace, with slightly different details based on their initial starting point and their specifics.

Phase 1 is about pathogen elimination and liver cleanup, more pathogen elimination than clean up. More repair is happening in phase 2 of the healing process, but the cleanup and detox of toxins are the focus now. There’s a little bit of repair happening in phase 1; though there’s not a lot of capacity for that early on, there’s much more capacity in phase 2. In phase 3, we move into repair and maintenance with some cleanup left to do.

Hopefully, if you’re working with a practitioner or even if you’re working on your own somewhere towards the end of phase 1 beginning of phase 2, you’re also working with releasing the chronic illness mindset. We want to treat the being holistically, which means emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual all come into play. You want to be addressing all four aspects of yourself without separating them so hard that you get over-focused on any one element. This balanced focus can be hard when you are chronically ill since the physical symptoms can be so loud and still significant for recognizing true health.

In phase 1, we focus on recovering the liver first. Liver recovery can look like low fat (overt fats especially), keeping the adrenals happy, eliminating chronic dehydration, and decreasing supplements for most people. When we focus on the liver functioning and ensuring the detox channels are open, the whole process can be easier and more efficient. Especially since when we kill off viruses and bacteria, there is an increase in toxicity before we start decreasing it again. We want to make sure that there’s somewhere for that toxicity to go and that the body can handle it so that we’re not dealing with autointoxication.

I’ve found over the years that if an individual‘s liver is not functioning well, the immune system is not as gung ho about getting rid of the pathogen because it doesn’t want to increase the toxicity in the vital organs to the point where they start failing. The body is always looking to protect you. So even if it gets overloaded, even if it can’t handle everything that’s coming out of the body, it’s still going to be doing everything it can to keep you alive and coming back to health. Once we get the liver functioning a bit better, we move into antiviral and antibacterial herbs that are not overloading the liver and the detox channels. In phase 1 of healing, we’re also going to be starting the process of detoxing heavy metals that do not serve your body. It can take a significant amount of time to bring toxic heavy metals. Often this happens through all 3 phases of the healing process. Reversing chronic dehydration passed from many generations is often another focus throughout all phases. In phase 1, there’s a significant focus on keeping the toxins moving right out of the body so that this cleansing of accumulation is well underway. Into phase 2, this is as important as in phase 1, but it looks a bit different.

I find that when an individuals move between phases 1 and 2, there’s a certain amount of vulnerability. There’s a time when the body has gotten rid of the majority of the pathogen, but yet it still hasn’t had enough time to do the cleanup and repair that’s necessary to prevent new pathogens from coming in and taking advantage of the damage or the less repaired areas in the body. At this point, a little extra support of the immune system can be helpful.

Moving through phase 2 is where a significant amount of cleanup and repair is done. During phase 2 of the healing process, it is necessary to slow the detox down, so it is manageable. So much energy needed for the immune system in bringing pathogens into balance is now freed up to be used in cleaning up and repairing the body. There is more bandwidth for cleaning up the system, and at this point, the toxins are lower, so the body also has room and space to start doing some incredible repair work.

Before you started the healing process, there were years and years of accumulation, sometimes up to 200 years based on what you’ve been passed through the generations. That accumulated toxicity continues to be cleaned up and released from the body. It’s important to remember the toxins that come into the body might cause similar issues as they’re being removed from the body. We can also start focusing on any deficiencies into the 2nd phase of the healing process since, hopefully, the liver is recovered enough to handle some more supplements. For some people, supplement needs also shift since antivirals and antibacterials are not as much of a focus.

When there is enough capacity in this phase, it is time to focus on releasing the chronic illness mindset if it isn’t already being addressed. Can you close your eyes and ask yourself whether this is coming into your body? Or is it coming out of your body? There’s a significant difference because we want these toxins to come out of the body. So being able to relax with the symptoms you’re experiencing while the toxins come out of your body is a significant part of your healing process.

During phase 2 of the healing process, I find that the body now has space and energy to release the emotional aspects that may be caught in the physical body. Moving through phases 1 and 2 means that you’re not caught in the space where pathogens are out of balance in your body. You get to move through that. Releasing the chronic illness mindset allows you to recognize that your body is stronger towards the end of phase 2; it can be exposed to a virus or bacteria and handle it so much easier.

For most people, the healing process eventually moves into that background somewhere from the middle of phase 2 into the beginning of phase 3.

Phase 3 is where the rest of the repair and any final cleanup and maintenance shows up. Maintenance looks different from needing to kill off pathogen and recovering the liver. It can be very different in how we do supplements and how often we do supplements. The body works so efficiently that it may even need fewer calories.

Phase 3 of the healing process doesn’t end. From the time you hit phase 3, there will be some cleanup to do, but your body is always going to need to do a little bit of cleanup based on what it’s exposed to. Your body will continue to repair what needs repairing or what needs replacing over time. You will still be exposed to viruses and bacteria, so having a maintenance schedule for antibacterials and antivirals is also essential. Having given your body back its ability to do what it is designed to do, everything it’s doing becomes easier and more efficient. Whether it is cleansing, repairing, dealing with viruses and bacteria, your whole system is just more robust, so it’s very different than before you started phase 1. By the time you reach phase 3 in the healing process, I hope that you’ve come to have faith and trust in your body. If you’ve worked hard to recognize health and have allowed yourself the space and time to get rid of the accumulation, it’s essential for you to catch up emotionally and mentally to go back to living your life fully.

Living life fully, having moved through these phases of the healing process, still includes:

  • High-density nutrition.
  • A certain amount of conscious cleansing.
  • A maintenance schedule to prevent pathogen accumulation.

It also means that you have the capacity and the space to handle what you might be exposed to in life.

I hope if you’re moving through the phases that you give yourself space and celebrate because you’ve done the work and you’ve gotten rid of maybe up to 200 years of accumulation. Make your program sustainable, and you can get back to True Health.