Are You Concerned For Your Childs Health?

Feb 27, 2022

I used to lay awake at night filled with concern over the rhythm of my youngest daughter’s heart. I knew there was something not quite right. I could see that heat and exertion were hard on her system.

That her heart was burdened somehow.

She’s a tough one with incredible energy so it would be hard for most to see. In my heart, I knew there was something ‘off’.

I was told by practitioners that it was common in active people and that she would probably outgrow it.

Not good enough for me. I was determined to get to the cause and in turn how to get a different result.

It is how I see all the individuals I have met in my life. I am highly motivated by others hurt. I would love to help them get rid of it forever. I get the value of challenge, been on this path long enough. Does the pain really have to be so intense or for such a long duration to help us develop as individuals?

I researched until the answers came clear to me about my daughter’s heart rhythms. The solutions I found are not mainstream and took more time than I would have liked.

Has she just outgrown it during this time? I dare to say that it has been more than that. Only because the other symptoms that were starting to develop in her precious body have gone now too.

We do not have to be a culture of accumulated symptoms. We do not as a society have to accept suppression, side effects or aging for that matter. At least not as quickly as I see young people showing the signs of aging these days.

Just tonight I lay my hand on my daughter’s heart and feel the smooth easy rhythms of a heart no longer overworking because of the accumulation of toxins, from our world, in her small body. She has the foundation to take life as it comes and fully experience it.

Her life does not have to be about eliminating foods and activities because she can not handle them. Like my life was. Like so many lives I witness every day.

It is a great time to take your health and life back. It is with a sense of peace, knowing I do my best for my children, clients and their children every day to help them reclaim their health.

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