Does Your Chronic Look Anything Like My Chronic?

Feb 27, 2022

My name is Judy.

From the time I was 15, I had become a collector of chronic symptoms and struggled to get out of bed each morning. I was experiencing headaches 24/7 and migraines at least two times a week. The only way I could handle the muscle pain was to work out very hard all the time. I think I tolerated the pain better because I could then blame it on the previous day’s heavy workout.

Every day, it seemed like I was aging ten days or more. To be in my early 20’s and feel like what I imagined it would feel like when I was 80 was pretty discouraging.

I was avoiding life because I did not want to hurt worse, and I was learning to live with it, super scary looking back now. Although many times I wondered ‘what for,’ why would I want to live life this way? I was not able to find a good answer.

So I spent a lot of my time and money looking for someone that might be able to help me get some relief. Everything from allopathic doctors to medicine women. Tried chiropractic, rolfing, naturopath, reiki, reflexology, hypnotherapy, and so much more.

I did work with as many different modalities as fit my budget since somehow, I realized that the body is holistic and made up of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. I found many many people willing to recommend expensive therapies but never any significant relief or for any considerable time.

And the most challenging was all the things I was told I should eliminate. One thing after another, foods, activities, products, and my life gradually shrunk to hardly anything at all.

One day I woke up to my full schedule of practitioner appointments and an empty bank account. I recognized myself and all these therapies as just managing symptoms. I did not want to manage symptoms. I wanted to eliminate them, and there had to be another way. I was the one most invested in finding solutions.

And I realized I was going to have to find them. I was going to have to do my research.

The most powerful piece of the puzzle on my journey was a perception shift. I was no longer willing to work with anyone that said I needed to live with it or that it was just how it was with some people. Mostly I was no longer willing to manage the pain. I wanted to find the way for it to be gone. I wanted to understand the cause and why my body was not handling life well.

When I look back, I am thankful now as the pain became my strong motivator. I studied nutrition, supplementation, toxicity, and books like Medical Medium. I studied rolfing, reflexology, and the psychology of pain and chronic illness. I learned my body wanted to be healthy…was fighting to be healthy. All I needed to do was get rid of the accumulation that was standing in the way of that.

I changed my diet despite fads and incomplete science, I learned to under supplement with the most important and necessary high-quality ones, I used some herbs to get rid of herpetic viruses, and I played the long game. It was about merely coming back to basics, but I will never say it was easy. I just had to learn what the true cause was and support my body in reversing the damage and premature aging.

I had to trust that my body could and would come back to health. I honestly did not even know how many symptoms I had until they started going away. Today I can say that I am symptom-free, and I do not have to manage symptoms anymore.

Diet is so essential, and food really can be our medicine. Some supplements we can not get from foods, and it is vital to understand what retracing or healing in reverse looks like.

I found six things were key in reclaiming my health: proper liver functioning, decreasing chronic dehydration, reversing adrenal fatigue, cleansing toxic heavy metal, eliminating herpetic viruses, and bacteria. When I addressed these issues, the body was able to handle the cleanup and repair necessary. These underlying pieces were contributing to the chronic issues I was dealing with and contributing to most of my clients’ chronic health problems too.

I learned it does not have to take 5, 10, 20 years to reclaim health. It did take time because I realized I was undoing multiple generations of accumulation.

I tried not to complicate things so I could sustain what needed to be adjusted.

I was willing to play the long game and find someone to support me through the process, so I had a greater understanding of what is happening in my body holistically. It seems nothing happens in isolation, so working with the foundational pieces allowed me to support the whole being.

In my practice, I like to share very practical things that will help over time. One is the lemon elixir, and I call it my fountain of youth drink. In 36 oz of water, add one fresh squeezed lemon, 1-3 TBSP honey(less if you are dealing with the need to restrict sugars), and a 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch grated or sliced fresh peeled ginger. I drink this every day in the morning before I do any other food or liquids.

My friends call me the true health detective because I left no stone unturned in finding the culprits that stood in the way of my health. I will do the same for you.

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