It might be why you crave sweets

Feb 27, 2022

When she walks by a display case, she likes to get “one of each.” Okay, maybe not one of everything, but she would get something that added weight just by looking at it.

It’s her cravings for sweets.

After dinner, she would always end the meal with something sugary.

Chocolate cake.

Cream-filled cupcakes.

Pastries of all types.

She knew it was bad for her, but she craved them so badly, she had to get her daily fix.

Not only did it temporarily fill her craving, but it also gave her a break from the headaches.

The headaches showed up daily, crippling her day.

It was hard to concentrate or enjoy her kids when she’s got this constant throbbing.

I had a hunch.

So, we tried a couple of things to address it, not only the headaches but the cravings.

And then it happened.

She walked by the display case and didn’t feel the urge to buy something sweet.

She realized she didn’t have a headache all day.

What did I do?

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