The Path to True Health

Feb 28, 2022

Dear Friend,

After a lifetime of chronic pain, I can sincerely say I’m symptom free. I don’t experience any more headaches or migraines. No more infections or digestive issues.

No more erratic weight issues, sinus infections or allergy issues. No more chronic exhaustion, difficulty sleeping, anxiety or over sensitivity to my surroundings. No more chronic pain from past trauma or thyroid issues.

Honestly, I really only noticed some of the symptoms as they subsided.

And no more skin issues or motion sickness. In fact, I even go on amusement park rides

Much to my family’s delight.

I can say, without a doubt, that I am experiencing the best health of my life. And not just physical, but emotional health as well. I have more energy now than at any time of my life, and I look younger, and feel younger, than I ever have as an adult.

But, as you can tell, it wasn’t always that way. For years, I suffered from chronic pain as described in the symptoms above.

By the young age of 15, I was having headaches and migraines constantly. My body ached and was inflamed. By the time I was 20, I had pain throughout my body and barely the energy to get through the day.

It may be hard to understand, but at such a young age, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. It just wasn’t right for someone so young, to be so unhealthy and feel so bad. The worst is that I could not decide which direction to go, so much information and so much of it misinformation.

It was at this time that I remember looking in the mirror at my face, swollen to twice it’s original size, that I became very motivated to question everything I had been taught about health and wellness to date.

And in the decades since, I have researched, studied and made health and wellness my life’s purpose. I have not found what I was looking for through traditional channels.

Instead, I found the contrarian path brought me better results.

Below are just a small sample of the books, programs and subjects I have researched, experimented with and had varying degrees of success.

  • Susan Peachy, Herbalogist
  • Mild food diet
  • Vegetarianism
  • Aqua therapy
  • Cleansing
  • Cure for All Cancers
  • Going Raw
  • Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life
  • Peak Potentials
  • Byron Katie “The Work”
  • Rolfing Certification
  • Science Specific Chiropractic
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Integrative nutrition
  • Kitchen Pharmacy
  • Eating raw
  • Fasting and Cleansing
  • Prescription for Nutritional Healing
  • Macrobiotics
  • Paleo Diet
  • Eat Right for Your Type
  • Living Organic
  • Cheri Huber
  • Modern Essentials for Essential Oils
  • And most recently Medical Medium!

Along the way, I made a lot of mistakes. Hundreds of trials and errors taught me what worked, what didn’t. What was useless or useful and what improved my physical and emotional health…and what didn’t.

I have spent over $100,000 researching, experimenting and investigating effective health strategies in an effort to attain True Health.

True Health is what I consider our optimal physical and emotional wellness.

And as I mentioned earlier, each year brought me closer to putting the pieces of the puzzle together and my True Health.

It didn’t always feel like progress…like the time I…

  • Ate a high carbohydrate protein diet for several weeks, resulting in constant migraines
  • Ate pizza and pierogi’s after completing a 7-day detox cleanse, resulting in unpleasant digestive issues (what can happen, when new to cleansing and have no support)
  • In desperation, quit weeks into a new dietary program to try another new program…never knowing what worked and didn’t, while taking my body on a roller coaster of issues

So, you see I’ve dealt with a lot. And I’ve learned a lot.

As friends and family observed my progress, they started asking for support. Friends of friends reached out or were referred, and before you knew it, I had a practice of willing individuals all with the sole purpose of reducing chronic pain and striving for optimal health.


I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to use my struggle and journey to help hundreds of others. It’s my life’s purpose to share the information and support that allows you to

Attain True Health and Take Your Life Back.

If you’re struggling to uncover YOUR mysteries to True Health, I encourage you to reach out, to schedule a consultation or sign up for one of my programs, to breakthrough the information and belief barriers keeping you from experiencing all the energy and wellness that are your due.

To Your True Health,

Judy Koons